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  Little Tor Elementary 
Clarkstown Central School District
Clarkstown Central  
 School District
56 Gregory Streeet
New City, NY 10956
(914) 639-6365
     Principal: Patricia Holbert
     Secretary: Eileen Savage

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third grade

Ms. Robin Blecher & Ms. Cari Caulway and Ms. Judy Fishlin

One Hundred Dresses In language arts, we have just finished a wonderful book on friendship, The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes. As a classroom activity, we analyzed the story for setting, characters, and events. If you double click on the image at the left, you can see a sample of one child's written work. We are finishing Charlotte's Web by E.B. White, another wonderful friendship story. We will start Mr. Popper's Penguins next in conjunction with our unit on the polar regions. We are always practicing our spelling, learning new letters in script, and writing. We wrote haikus and some of us illustrated them. In Ms. Caulway's class, we interviewed each other. In Ms. Blecher's class we wrote want ads for friends. Every month we write an entry for our Third Grade Yearbook.
In Math, the unit on time, calendar, and money has come to a close though we continue to practice these skills. We will soon finish addition with trading and subtraction with regrouping. With the new year, we started multiplication!
IsraellandIn Social Studies, we have been learning about landforms such as: an archipelago, bay, cape, coast, delta, foothills, hill, island, isthmus, lake, mountain, peninsula, plains, river, tributary, valley, and waterfall to name a few. Using these concepts, each student developed an imaginary land of his/her own and wrote a brochure describing it. Click on the picture to the right and you can read about Israelland.
In Science, we have been studying the Solar System. We have used the new presentation station to see some wonderful solar system websites and are finishing a research project on the planets. Working in pairs, the children researched one of the nine planets or the sun. The websites we are using are: and We wrote postcards from our planets to friends on earth.

November Yearbook
December Yearbook


by Gregory

Tree, Man, and Dog
Big, mean, fierce, rouch, tough,
Leaping big guy jumps to hurt.
Chained up at night time.
Sparkly snow falls,
Happy faces look outside,
Sledding is so fun.
Nick likes to skateboard,
Nick has a sense of humor,
Nick is strong and fast.


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