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  Little Tor Elementary 
Clarkstown Central School District
Clarkstown Central  
 School District
56 Gregory Streeet
New City, NY 10956
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     Principal: Patricia Holbert
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fourth grade

Mrs. Joanna Carlson & Karen Pellino

The fourth grade sudents of Little Tor worked incredibly hard in preparation for the New York State English Language Arts assessment! It was an intensive course of study in which students demonstrated the ability to be great listeners, to take notes, to respond to critical thinking questions and use proper grammar, puctuation and paragraph skills. Ms. Carlson and Ms. Pellino want to congratulate their students on a job well done. We are very proud!
In other areas of the curriculum, we are currently learning about the geography of New York State with regard to natural resources, land features, and climate. Students are learning to read a variety of graphs, maps, and tables to learn more about climate and population density. They have begun mapping the state's various features. Upcoming topics in social studies will include exploration and colonization of the state.
In science, students are continuing to apply their knowledge of matter and chemistry. They have been working with their cooperative groups at stations to learn about rocks and minerals. They are observing and classifying minerals according to their properties and are becoming quite good amateur geologists! The web site we have been using is: Topics to be covered later in the year include electricity, forces, and motion.
In math, the students have been working on double-digit multiplication. The New York State Math Assessment is coming up in June. This test will assess knowledge in concepts learned from K-4, with an emphasis on math reasoning and problem solving. Please help your child to study multiplication facts at home.
Here are some samples of our work:


Rebecca's graph
Yesterday the graph that we made showed how much of each element
is in the earth's crust. We found symbols on a periodic table.
The teacher gave us an atomic number and we found out what symbols represented each element.


Jessie's graph

My graph shows the percentage of certain elements that are
found in the earth's crust. I noticed that the earth's crust
is made up mostly of oxygen and silicon (sand). There are about 10 elements in the earth's crust.
How I Got A Map of my Address
Billy's map
I got a map of my address by going on the Internet and going on and going into "maps." I had to type in my address. Then I had to type in the county I live in, the state I live in, and my zip code. I found out that I live near a lot of people. Then I printed it out. I printed it out two times: one with zoom in and one with zoom out.

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